In an ocean of devices, are you seaworthy?

We provide the keys that secure today's most advanced consumer devices.

Seacert provides key management for major Internet Trust Infrastructures currently supporting millions of connected devices  such as mobile phones, connected TVs and other secure devices around the world. Seacert is an early pioneer for securing Internet of Things devices such as home controls, that contain trusted keys from Seacert to protect your private data.


Seacert started in 2006 by providing trust certificates to Marlin DRM devices.  We have since created and managed the distribution of end-system keys for adopters of the Marlin content protection standard. Keys can be provided in bulk to adopters, or delivered automatically to individual devices via the Seacert Online Personalization Service. Seacert operates the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO), the UK’s YouView, Italy’s Tivu and other organizations around the world. Seacert provides custom PKI services to meet the needs of companies and standards bodies. Click here to request an account for key provision services or to place a provisioning order.

In addition to advanced cryptographic key management, Seacert also operates secure content management services such as Intertrust’s ExpressPlay cloud service for content protection, including app SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX. ExpressPlay is the easiest way for service providers to integrate full Marlin functionality into any system using a flexible pay-as-you-go model. 

ExpressPlay also provides a method for co-location of DRM license servers in situations where a server’s physical location is critical to a service provider. The ExpressPlay Server allows you to install a co-located instance of a Marlin DRM license server in such a case. Seacert provides key provisioning required for an ExpressPlay Server installation to be compliant with the Marlin service provider operational requirements.

For embedded developers and manufacturers looking to use the ExpressPlay Source SDK to add Marlin support to their product, Seacert can provide key management and provisioning for the production keys that must be loaded into your device or client software. Contact us for information on the Marlin client adopter requirements for developers and manufacturers.


Trust is Our Business

We have passed numerous security audits and certifications to ensure that we operate our service under an accountable and transparent process where you have total control over your secure data.